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Thank you for donating your time and joining our coaching team!

Coaching is an amazing contribution where you help build the confidence, enthusiasm and skill development of our players.  If you are new to coaching or a new Raptors coach, we have built this dedicated site to help support you detailing key contacts, general administration, training tools and ideas to assist you and your own team in developing over the season.  

The Raptors Way

"How we play basketball is just as important as what we achieve on the scoreboard"

The Raptors Way is a guiding concept around how achieve our goals.  As coaches our ultimate goal is for our players to succeed and we succeed when players grow their skills and knowledge whilst enjoying the process.  The ‘how’ matters and this should emanate from our vision, mission and critically our values.  

The Raptors Way

Key Contacts

Jason Sapsed

Director of Coaching

Jason is here for all coaches to help support your journey, organises the clubs court hire, training and building our our coaching strategy into the future.  

Jodie Quin

Senior Age Coordinator

Jodie is the Senior Age Coordinator for the U16, U18 & U20 teams and working with you on team selection and coordination.  

Ananth Ganesan

U14 Age Coordinator

Ananth is the Mid Age Coordinator for the U14 teams and working with you on team selection and coordination.

Rick Davies

Junior Age Coordinator

Rick is the Junior Age Coordinator for the U8, U10, U12 teams and working with you on team selection and coordination.


Coaches Setup

Few things to get you started:

1. Obtain a working with children's check, this is free for volunteer coaches.

2. Register as a coach on PlayHq

3.Join our WhatsApp Coaches' Group

4. Collect your coaches pack

5. Familiarise yourself with the by-laws

6. Save a link to PlayHQ (Game details) on your mobile device, there is also a mobile app called MyHoops.

7. Explore our below training tools / ideas

Court Opening / Locking

First & last coaches will need to collect a key to unlock the training basketball courts or at the end of the evening, lockup and return the key to the designated location.  Our Coaching Director will be in contact to explain this for relevant coaches.  

Weekly Fixtures

Games day are organised by the MBA and available on PlayHQ (updated weekly).  Your Team Manager will communicate weekly game time & locations to your team.  

The first 3-4 weeks of a season are grading rounds aimed at grouping teams into similar skill levels to achieve a competitive season.


Presentation Medals

In the ninth week (9) of each season, the Director of Coaches will request you update a online spreadsheet with the message you wish each players' medal to be inscribed with.  

Medal names are up to you, from MVP, Sharp Shooter to Superman or Wonder Woman, please consider length as you can only fit so much on a medal!

Next Season

Around the twelfth week (12) of each season please speak with your team about registering for the next season via the link provided in the coaches WhatsApp Forum.  

Advanced notice helps the club more effectively manage any team changes and allocated new members where possible.

Presentation Night

Around the fourteenth week (14), prepare a small statement for medal presentation night, see our template below for further ideas that may assist.

Presentation nights are typically on the Sunday evening, the weekend of the Grand Finals.

Tools & Resources

Game Day

Starting template to prepare for game day competition.  



A few player award / certificate templates you may wish to download and annotate with your players details.

Award Templates

Pre-Season Planning


Code of Conduct

Coaches code of conduct

Training Plan

Template concepts on how to structure your teams weekly training.

Training Idea's

Practice Drills

Basketball Techniques

New Coaches

The below video has been produced by our Association, The McKinnon Basketball Association.  The provide a range of tools that are useful, check out the below link to explore.

MBA Coaches Site

Quick Techniques Guide (under development)

  • Useful YouTube videos

  • Drills - Enhance Passing Skills

    3 or 5 person weave (Link)

    Play a half court match where players cannot dribble, only pass to move the ball before a score attempt.

    Position 5 cones in a pentagon shape (2-3m apart), each player stands at a cone and cannot move, they need to pass the ball to each other whilst 2 additional players inside the pentagon try to intercept the passes.  If the pass is intercepted, the person who threw the failed pass swaps position with the player who intercepted the pass and the competition repeats.


  • Games - Develop Rebounding Skills

    Answer 3

  • Games - Develop Fitness Skills

    Answer 3

  • Footwork & Conditioning drills

    Answer 3

  • Games - Develop Dribbling Skills

    Answer 3

  • Games - Develop Fitness Skills

    Answer 3

  • Games to develop shooting / scoring

    Answer 3

  • Skills Checklist


Frequently Asked Questions

Over your coaching journey, we suspect you may get asked the below, so we drafted a few responses to help you manage this FAQ's.  If in doubt, please reach out to our Coaching Director for support!

  • Other children are not passing the ball to my child

    Before responding, take a moment to consider the feedback provided, is there some truth behind their observation?  Pause before responding, its important to slow down the pace of your feedback.  Possible comments could incorporate:

    • Their child is not consistently standing is the best court position compared to alternative options
    • Their child is momentarily in a good position, but the opposition often race to the location and they remain in a guarded spot.
    • The ball handler doesn't consistently have the vision to see their child
    • The ball handler may have the vision, but lacks adequate passing skills presently to deliver the ball effectively
    • You are working with the ball handler to move the ball to the player in the best position, however this takes time, you are aware of it and working on it.

    Its important to acknowledge all feedback is important and reflects a level of trust a parent/guardian is offering, it isn't always correct, but a reflection of their observation of the game.  Acknowledge their feedback and provide a positive next step - let's observe this during our next practice or game, we will incorporate this in our next few practices....

  • My child is not getting enough court time

    We use the subbing guide provided by the McKinnon Basketball Association which aims to get close to equivalent court time for each team member.  

    However, court time can vary each game depending on many factors however its our objective to ensure over the course of the entire season, that all kids get effectively equivalent time.  Factors such as timeouts, fouls, start delays, player fatigue etc, all interplay so getting this perfect for an isolated game is challenging at best.

  • What metrics should you measure to understand team performance?

    This depends heavily on your criteria for success.  Some coaches look at scoring by player or team over the season, others look at fouls, both of which are readily available in PlayHQ.  Alternatively, with the help of an assistant coach or junior helper, manually record rebounds, steals, assists & spoils which will provide insight into other areas of game play.  There is not right or wrong answer and the metrics you select will depend on your coaching philosophy on what is important for your team or individual players season goal.

  • Do coaches children receive discount or free membership

    In short no.  The Oakleigh Raptors is a not for profit association run completely by volunteers with a mission to make basketball accessible to as many as possible.  In addition to keeping our costs low, financial incentives often don't attract the ideal type of coaches into our club and our community culture is something vital to our identity and success.