At what age can my child begin playing in a team?

Your child needs to have turned 7 by the start of the season.  If they are under 7, there are programs such as Aussie Hoops and Slam Jam available which are run by McKinnon Basketball Association.

Where do teams train and which days?

Training is currently held at either Westall Secondary College and Oakleigh Primary School.

Our training days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Players are notified re. training day, time and venue approx. a week before the season starts.

Training day, time and venue remains the same each week, unless we need to make a change.

There is usually no training over school holidays.

Which days are game day?

Boys play Saturdays, starting with the youngest age group playing first off in the morning- approx. 9am.

Girls play Sundays.

Classic men's teams (Over 20's) play Sunday afternoon/early evening.

Over 30's ladies comp- games

Over 35's Mens comp- Sunday games

Times, days and venues can change each week.  Venues are around the Brighton/McKinnon/East Bentleigh areas.

We cannot request specific times for games as fixtures are determined by the Mckinnon Basketball Association.

Your team manager will advise you when games are played each week.

How do I register?

Registrations open about 4 weeks before the start of the season.  Please register by the cut off date or you could miss out on a place in a team.

Registrations must go thru PLAY HQ.

What happens once I register?

Approx. A week before the start of the season, you will be notified by the Raptors or your team manager, regarding the team your child is in, training day, locations and times.

The team manager will liaise with the team throughout the season regarding fixtures, scoring rosters and other important notices.

Can I request my child to play in a team with their friends?

As much as we would love to place all friends in the same team, this is sometimes not possible.  

Our aim is to create competitive teams across all age groups, so players can develop their skills by playing in a team appropriate to their skill level.

What happens if I don't have a uniform at the start of the season?

We ask that all orders are placed by the cut off date to eliminate this problem as much as possible.

Players can wear a plain orange t-shirt and black shorts without pockets 9or pockets taped) for the first 5 rounds of the season if they do not have their uniform in time.

Second hand uniforms and basketball shoes may be found on Raptors buy/swap/and sell Facebook page.

Age groups?

 Age groups change every 12 months, this gives players the opportunity to play as a top age player in a team.

This will then change the following year and they will play as a bottom age player.

  1. a child born in 2008, will play in U14 with 2009 children in the 2020/21 summer and 2021 winter season.

In the 2021 Summer season, the 2008 child will play in U16 with children born in 2007.

Players must always play in their specified age group.  They can play up an age if places permit (as an additional team).  However they need to also play in their current age group aswell.  Players cannot play in a younger team.

Ball Sizes based on Age Groups

  • U10/12 - Size 5 ball
  • U14 - size 6 ball
  • Male U16's up - size 7 ball
  • Female U14's up - size 6 ball

Age groups for the 2021 Winter and 2021/22 Summer season:

U10 - Born: 2013, 2014, 2015 - must be 7 years of age.
U12 - Born: 2011, 2012
U14 - Born: 2009, 2010
U16 - Born: 2007, 2008
U18 - Born: 2005, 2006
U20 - Born: 2003,2004

When do seasons start?

Summer season runs from term 4 (October) to end of term 1 (April)

Winter season runs from term 2 (April) to end of term 3 (September)

There are no games played on school holidays or long weekends, unless there are special circumstances.  eg- making up for lost games due to lockdown.

What is involved as a parent/guardian?

All parents are required to take turns scoring games- your team manager will set up a roster and can assist you if you have not scored previously.

Our club is run by volunteers, so if you would like to volunteer as a committee member, coach or team manager please let us know.

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